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I have written thousands of published tutorials and guides about computers and anything tech-related.

I excel in taking complex matters, grokking, and then presenting them in an engaging but easy to understand way.

I'm even better when writing long-form copy. With lots of empathy. And maybe an extra dash of humor.

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Vaping: From Smoking Alternative to "Blowing O's"

Electronic cigarettes were created as an awesomely smart solution for smokers who wanted to quit their bad habit, but had found that other solutions – from nicotine gums to… acupuncture – didn’t quite cut it for them. At first, the people who “smoked electronic cigarettes” where a miniscule minority. But that was just the beginning. Year by year more people, determined to quit smoking, turned to electronic cigarettes. And more. And more. People realized the term “smoking” wasn’t correct: electr